International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 1, Issue 1 (2016)

Role of Anulomana dravya in the management of pureeshavruta vata - A review

Author(s): Dr. Dhulappa Mehatre
Abstract: The concept of avarana (obstruction or covering) is one of the more difficult tasks for Ayurveda physician to understand, interpret and to treat. Almost all disease in the living beings is produced due to avarana. Ayurveda classics mentioned forty two different types of avarana. Pureeshavruta vata (vata gets obstructed by faecal matter) is one of the types of avarana, where pureesha (faeces) will act as avaraka (obstructer) and vata act as avruta (obstructed). Due to this the vata which in normal stage attains viloma gati (moves in opposite direction) and produces ativibandha (constipation), atopa (Gargling sound), parikatika (pricking pain) etc. For the management of pureeshavruta vata, anulomana (carminatives) dravyas are considered to be the best dravyas (substances) because they digest the apakva (indigested) mala and helps for easy expulsion of obstructed vata by bringing it to its anuloma gati (normal direction or downward movement).
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