International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 1, Issue 3 (2016)

Preliminary Studies on the Phytochemical and Proximate Compostion of Catharanthus roseus (Linn)

Author(s): Akachukwu E Esther, Chukwuma O Maureen, Adimonyemma N Ruffina, Mbaukwu O Ann, Iroka F Chisom
Abstract: Phytochemical and proximate composition of Catharanthus roseus was studied. The result revealed the presence of alkaloid, tannin, flavonoid, saponin, glycosides, phenol, anthocyanin and sterol in the leaves and stems. The highest chemical constituent was alkaloid (11.84%) which was found in the leaves, while the least was sterol (0.05%) found in the stem. The highest nutrient content was carbohydrate (56.71) found in the stem and the least was crude protein also found in the stem. The results supported ethno botanical uses of Catharanthus roseus as medicine and potentials of the parts as source of food. The high concentration of crude fibre in the leaf, stem and root of Catharanthus roseus increases its potentials as laxatives and in reduction of excessive weight. This study has helped to expose the essential bioactive compounds in Catharanthus roseus, hence presenting the plant as a reservoir for the treatment of many diseases.
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