International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 1, Issue 5 (2016)

Identification of mangrove and mangrove associates in Kannur district of Kerala including their economic – ecological linkages

Author(s): Vaiga M, Sincy Joseph
Abstract: The present investigation was carried on the identification of angrove and mangrove associates in Kannur district of Kerala including their economic-ecological linkages. In the present investigation, the diversity and distribution of mangrove vegetation were studied in 2015-2016. From the study, 7 species of true mangroves, 4 species of semi-mangroves and 7 species of mangrove associates were identified in Vellikkeel. In Ezhome 10 true, 3 semi, 7 mangrove associates were identified respectively. The present study revealed that mangroves in both areas are under threat. At present, all these species are at serious risk as no systematic attempt has been made to conserve them. Mangroves provide many ecological, environmental and socioeconomic benefits to mankind. The mangroves in the state are threatened with unprecedented destruction, which includes commercial exploitation of raw materials, land reclamation for agriculture, aquaculture and housing. There have been significant changes in the traditional and present uses of resources within the mangrove system, which have implications on its depletion. Socially, afforestation programme would be benefiting people living in coastal areas in terms of protection, environmental services and support for livelihood.
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