International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 1, Issue 5 (2016)

Pharmacognostical and physicochemical studies of Piper Betle Linn leaf (Assam variety)

Author(s): Sarma Dhrubajyoti, Thakuria Arup Jyoti, Sarma Hiranmoy, Dr. Barman Kamal, Mozumder Zahidul, Sarma Nipan, Kakoty Dipu, Dr. Deka Gitima
Abstract: Piper betle leaf is widely used in Assam and its adjoining areas since ancient days as a stimulizer and also as worship item. Its common name is betel in English, paan in India and Bangladesh. Different research works related to Ayurvedic consequence, geographical distribution and cultivation, morphoanatomy, phytochemistry, biological activities, along with tradomedicinal uses which signify the tremendous potential of “Piper betle.” to come out as Green medicine. In the pharmacognostic study of Piper betle Linn leaf some major studies like macroscopy, microscopy, phsicochemical screening was carried out. The anatomy of the leaf was studied by taking different sections which showed cyclocytic stomata, etc. Physicochemical parameters of the powder were also carried out. These studies are important in the way of acceptability of herbal drugs in present scenario of lacking regulatory laws to control quality of herbal drugs. The objective of present study is to revels the potential effect of this plant leaf in the development of therapeutically active herbal drugs.
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