International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 2, Issue 4 (2017)

Some noteworthy updates to the flora of Jabalpur district Madhya Pradesh

Author(s): Suresh Prasad Saket, Vimal K Saini
Abstract: Jabalpur is one of the districts in Madhya Pradesh as known “heart of the state” with luxurious and rich floristic biodiversity. But, now a day's drastic changes in environmental conditions, biotic factors, and destruction and loss of habitat, urbanization and industrialization have affected the flora of Jabalpur a lot. After studied "The flora of Jabalpur" and some other researchers updates in existing flora. Thenceforward, in view of it and present study was done based on new digital technology, it is very necessary to update and revise the existing floristic structure of Jabalpur. Digital database preparation is technologically a step ahead in the revision of the flora with new advancement (2011-2015). The present paper enumerates additional some noteworthy dicot taxa collected from Jabalpur district which has under four genera and four different families which are new updates for the district of Jabalpur. The plants name viz. Annona muricata L. (Annonaceae), Leucaena leucocephala Lam. (Mimosaceae), Spathodea campanulata P. Beauv. (Bignoniaceae), Ficus elastica Bailley. (Moraceae).
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