International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 2, Issue 5 (2017)

In vitro culture and ex situ conservation of the endangered and medicinal mountain tea plant species Sideritis raeseri Boiss & Heldr., endemic to Greece under the influence of activated charcoal, salicylic acid and α- & β-cyclodextrins

Author(s): Virginia Sarropoulou, Eleni Maloupa
Abstract: In this study the effects of activated charcoal (AC), salicylic acid (SA) and α- & β-cyclodextrins (α-CD & β-CD) on micropropagation of Sideritis raeseri Boiss & Heldr. were investigated. The 2.5 g/l AC + 0.5 mg/l α-napthaleneacetic acid (NAA) treatment is proposed for rooting and shoot proliferation (4.5 shoots/explant, 48.34 mm, 83.33% shoot multiplication, 16.4 roots/rooted microcutting, 23.5 mm root length, 83.33% rooting). SA (25 μM) increased shoot multiplication by 20% and root length by 1.24 cm, however did not promote root induction stage. The 2.5 g/l α-CD + 0.5 mg/lNAA treatment is suitable only for shoot proliferation (5.5 shoots/explant, 91.67% shoot multiplication). For rooting stage, the use of 0.5 g/l α-CD or 1 g/l β-CD + 0.5 mg/lNAA is recommended (12.29-12.33 root number, 91.67-100% rooting). The ex vitro survival percentage was 96% for AC-treated explants, 92% inβ-CD, 86% in α-CD and 79% in SA-enriched culture media.
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