International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 2, Issue 6 (2017)

High frequency and reproducible plant regeneration from nodal explants of Ammannia baccifera L. a folkloric medicinal plant for the production of vital compounds

Author(s): Sulaiman Sheik Mohamed, Natarajan Sisubalan, Vadivel Malayaman, Mohamed Hussain Ghouse Basha
Abstract: Ammannia baccifera L. is folkloric medicinal plant used in the treatment of female infertility. The present study demonstrates efficient protocol for large scale in vitro plant regeneration from nodal explants. The highest frequency (90.9±0.20) of multiple shoot bud regeneration with maximum number of shoots (81.01±0.58 shoots/explant) was noticed on MS medium with 1.0 mg/l BA. Large scale plant production, in vitro derived axillary buds were cultured on MS medium fortified with BA (1.0 mg/l) + TDZ (0.2 mg/l) + GA3 (1.5 mg/l) + IAA (2.5 mg/l) combination; about 355.4 shoots/explant were obtained after five subcultures on the same media composition. Elongated shoots were excised from the in vitro proliferated clumps were cultured on MS medium containing different concentrations of IAA and IBA (0.5–2.5 mg/l) for root induction. Highest frequency of rooting (95±0.57) with length of root (8.60 cm±0.17) was achieved on full-strength MS medium fortified with 1.5 mg/l IBA + 2.5 mg/l IAA. The rooted plantlets were successfully acclimatized with the sand soil ratio of 1:2 and subsequently they were established in the greenhouse. The present protocol would facilitate an alternative method for fast and large scale propagation of this folkloric medicinal plant to explore vital compounds.
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