International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 3, Issue 1 (2018)

Community based eradication strategy and response tactics of the IAS Prosopis juliflora early infested nursery site in babile worked, Erer bada Kebele Eastern Hararghe, Ethiopia: Case Study

Author(s): Yeneayehu Fenetahun, Girma eshetu
Abstract: Prosopis juliflora is one of the worst weeds that threaten native biodiversity of rangeland, forest ecosystem and nursery sites across Ethiopia. This study is therefore, designed to assess the impact and evaluate community based eradication strategy and response tactics of the IAS Prosopis juliflora early infested the nursery site in Babile woreda, Erer bada Kebele Eastern Hararghe, Ethiopia. Around 15 hectare Prosopis juliflora early infested area was taken as experimental land Erer Bada kebele. The cover abundance and distribution of Prosopis juliflora was estimated by laying 3 imaginary transect line to guess the amount of human power needed during controlling intervention. Diagnosing the real problem, realistic appraisal of the situation, understanding the overall problem, exploring potential technologies, setting plan of action, execution of the planned action and follow up were used as a strategy to eradicate the early infested rangeland. Accordingly, Mechanical removal specifically uprooting using localized tool called “Mencha” followed by Rehabilitation and restoration of the nursery site using forage grasses, shrubs and trees were designed as a response tactics. A total of 150 voluntary trained farmers were involved for 3.5 hours to eradicate the sampled Prosopis juliflora. The result revealed that successive mass participatory approach using mechanical uprooting by localized tools followed by rehabilitation; restoration and repeated follow up alleviate the effect of early Prosopis juliflora on native biodiversity. In conclusion, mechanical intervention (uprooting, grafting the floral and leaf part before fruiting, destruction of seeds and area enclosure until restoration and rehabilitation suppress the reproduction of Prosopis juliflora early infestation.
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