International Journal of Botany Studies

International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 3, Issue 6 (2018)

Leaf anatomical investigations of four indigenous vegetables in south west Nigeria

Author(s): Funmilola Mabel OJO, Taiwo Ayomipo Adenegan-Alakinde
Abstract: Anatomical investigations of four indigenous vegetables in South West Nigeria was conducted, the vegetables are Celosia argentea L.; Crassocephalum rubens, (Juss.) S. Moore; Senecio biafrae (Olive. and Hern) C. Jeffrey and Solanum americanum Mill. The anatomical materials were prepared according to standard methods and observations were made with compound light microscope. Anatomical observations made from this study revealed diagnostic characters that can be used for the identification of each of these vegetables. Celosia argentea can be delimited from the other vegetables studied by the presence of straight anticlinal wall (on the adaxial surface), anomocytic stomata and low stomata index. Crassocephalum rubens has relatively the smallest epidermal cell and the largest stomata size with the absence of crystals. Senecio biafrae and Solanum americanum have the highest percentage of stomata index on the adaxial surface and have prismatic crystals. Conclusively, the results show leaf anatomical characters which can be employed for the identification of the vegetable species.
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International Journal of Botany Studies
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