International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 4, Issue 1 (2019)

Assessing seedling quality of Chrysophylum albidum Linn using quantitative morphological traits

Author(s): Odeyale OC, Aderounmu MF, Ajani MO
Abstract: Seedling quality assessment of four location-based genotypes of Chrysophylum albidum was considered in this research work to assess the total quality of Chrysophylum albidum and specifically show the outstanding location-based genotype in term of seedling quality. Chrysophylum albidum genotypes were collected from four different locations in three local government areas of Oyo State in Nigeria; (i) Igbo Oloyin, {A-IO}, (ii) Koru koru, {A-KK} both in Akinyele Local Government, (iii) Akanran, {O-AK} in Ona-ara Local Government and (iv) Aba Olode, {I-AO} in Ido Local Government. The research work was set up in a screen house at the Federal College of Forestry, Ibadan, Nigeria in Randomized Complete Block Design. Seven quantitative agro-morphological characters considered were germination count, plant height, number of leaf, leaf length, leaf width, leaf area, and stem diameter at seedling stage accounted for seedling quality. Silvicultural practices were fully observed to nurture the seedlings during the research work. Results showed that for seedling height, all genotypes were significantly indifferent indicating uniform seedling quality with I-AO genotype having the highest value 6.16±0.69 while genotype A-KK had the lowest value of 5.09±0.37 and in stem diameter, A-KK had the highest value of 0.13±0.01while I-AO had the lowest value of 0.10±0.00 indicating the inverse correlation between the seedling height and stem diameter in I-AO and A-KK genotypes. Considering the germination trait, O-AK had the highest value of 5.00±0.01 with A-KK having the lowest value of 3.74±0.03. A-IO had the highest value in leaf area with 7.38±0.24 while I-AO had the lowest value of 6.26±0.47. It was then concluded that all genotypes considered had considerable seedling quality putting seedling height, stem diameter and leaf area into consideration. Also concluded for planting choice are O-AK genotype for greatest germination vigour, I-AO genotype for height trait consideration, A-KK genotype for stem diameter and A-IO genotype for leaf area consideration.
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