International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 4, Issue 2 (2019)

Living organisms (even human) evolve to match with the climate or not and geographical distribution (biogeography) opposite to Darwin’s theory or not

Author(s): Md. Abdul Ahad
Abstract: Darwin and his followers’ belief is that plants and animals are dispersed away from their places of origins and then became subsequently modified to match with the environment. Therefore, climate plays the key role both for the evolution of organisms (even human) and their geographical distribution. However, living organisms are beautifully adapted with the climate. Furthermore, they migrate to a safe place with the changing climate; if it is not possible, they simply extinct. Cosmopolitan animals, and also places having the same climate do not possess the same type of fauna, which opposes the effect of climate on the evolution. If climate has an effect on the evolution, then only six animals and plant species could be found according to the six climatic zones. Additionally, seven theories of evolution are formulated without the effects of environment on the evolution. Again, evolution is a continuous process but there is no record that living organism has evolved by the effects of the environment. Therefore, living organisms (even human) not evolve to match with the climate. As the evolution of organisms and their geographical distributions are interrelated and vice versa. So, geographical distributions are opposite to Darwin’s theory. Gaia theory and Croizat’s views oppose the Darwin’s vision about evolution and his biogeography.
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