International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 4, Issue 2 (2019)

Ethnomedicinal study of plants used by Chang Naga tribe of Tuensang, Nagaland, India

Author(s): Temsutola, O Lothunglo Ngullie, Vepu
Abstract: An ethnomedicinal study of the plants used by the Chang Naga tribe of Nagaland was carried out. The study analyses and document the traditional knowledge of plant used for medicinal purposes by the indigenous Chang tribal of Tuensang district. Interview based survey was conducted among the local practitioners and village elders. During the study 50 different plants species belonging to 26 families were identified from different locations. The dominant families are represented by Cucurbitaceae, Lamiaceae and Solanaceae. Some of the commonly treated diseases are skin problem, dysentery, insect and snake bite, stomachache, diarrhea etc. This study indicates that there is an immense potential for further research of ethno medicine among the Chang tribal.
Pages: 107-109  |  459 Views  114 Downloads
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