International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 4, Issue 3 (2019)

Grafting of Vegetable Crops Improve Diseases Control, Salt and Drought Strees Tolerance and Nutrients, Water Use Efficiency (Article Review)

Author(s): Hayyawi W. A. Al-Juthery, Fadil G. A. Al-Swedi, Rand A. H. G Al-Taee, Duraid K. A. AL-Taey
Abstract: Grafting is a technique used in plants to obtain economic benefits. Grafting increases nutrient uptake and utilization efficiency in vegetables also reduced the negative effects of the pathogens on disease index. Selected rootstocks of the same species or close relatives are utilized in grafting. Rootstocks absorb more water and nutrients than self-rooted plants and transport these water and nutrients to the aboveground scion. Nutrients uptake is regulated by a complex communication mechanism between the scion and rootstock. Sugars, hormones, as long-distance signaling molecules and regulate nutrient uptake and ion homeostasis by affecting the activity of nutrients transporters. Grafting applications have expanded mainly in Solanaceous crops and cucurbits, which are commonly grown in arid and semi-arid areas characterized by long drought periods. The current review gives an overview of the recent scientiļ¬c literature on root-shoot interaction and rootstock-driven alteration of growth, yield, and fruit quality in grafted vegetable plants under drought stress. Further, we elucidate the drought resistance mechanisms of grafted vegetables at the morpho-physiological, biochemical, and molecular levels. Information will improve the development of nutrient-efficient rootstocks. Water scarcity in arid and semi-arid regions represents a serious problem for agriculture management. Thus, effective irrigation strategies are essential for crop productivity and quality in addition to conserving water. A proper irrigation management is essential for improving the quantity and quality of vegetative crop grown under limited water conditions.
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