International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 4, Issue 3 (2019)

Palynological analysis of Spider webs from Lagos state, Southwestern, Nigeria

Author(s): Okwong John Walter, Olusola Helen Adekanmbi, Linus Bashie Ajikah
Abstract: Aeropalynological investigation of the atmosphere of Ijegun in Lagos was carried out from January 2018 to December 2018 using spider webs. These present studies aim to monitor the air quality regarding the aerospora and to know the qualitative & quantitative dispersal of pollen and spores in the atmosphere with the help of spider webs. Webs were collected from nine different locations around the study location for the periods of 12 months. The recovered webs were subjected to standard laboratory procedures using HCl and acetolysis mixture. The January to December microscopic investigation reveals total pollen/spores count of 1,175 belonging to 15 plant families, four fungi families and one algae family. The recovered palynomorphs were grouped as trees (28%), herbs (29%), shrubs (13%), fungi spore (17%), aquatic plants and diatoms recorded (6%) respectively. The predominant pollen grains were those of Tectona grandis, Irvingia gabonensis, Zea mays, Torula sp., Aulacoseira sp., Poaceae and Fabaceae which were responsible for the highest pollen amounts in the study area. The dominance of fungi spores in these study could be ascribed to the prevailing damp condition around the sampling location. Several pollen grains and fungal spores, reported during the present study are known to be allergenic. The investigation revealed that spider webs act as natural pollen traps, and are useful to know the incidence of allergy-causing pollen.
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