International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 4, Issue 3 (2019)

Floristic evaluation and ecological attributes of plants resources of Mandan, district Bannu, Pakistan

Author(s): Taj Yousaf Khan, Lal Badshah, Shariat Ullah, Asghar Ali
Abstract: Present study was conducted to assess the floristic composition of Mandan, District Bannu during 2015-16. The floristic diversity comprised of 99 species belonging to 37 families. Based on species diversity, Poaceae and Solanaceae were represented by 9 species each followed by Asteraceae and Fabaceae with 8 species each. Brassicaceae with 6 species and Papilionaceae with 5 species were the next diverse families of flowering plants while Apiaceae and Euphorbiaceae each had 4 species. Biological spectrum revealed that therophytes were the dominant life form with 54 species (54.54%) followed by micro-phenrophytes represented by 16 species (16.16%). Hemi cryptophytes with 10 species (10.10%) and geophytes with 8 species (8.08%) were next important life forms. The leaf size spectrum revealed that Nanophylls with 30 species (30.30%) and Microphylls with 25 species (25.25%) were dominating the landscape. Mesophylls with 21 species (21.21%), Leptophylls with 19 species (119.19%) and Megaphylls with 4 species (4.04%) were also recorded from the research area. Several factors including anthropogenic impact, over exploitation and soil erosion are a constant threat to local flora.
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