International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 4, Issue 4 (2019)

Effect of foliar nutrition by seaweed extract marmarine and basfoliar aktiv in growth and yield of pepper sweet (Along type) Sierra Nevada Variety Under in Plastic Houses Conditions

Author(s): Heba A Hussein, Dhafer H Jawad, Allawi K Abboud
Abstract: The experiment was conducted during season of 2017- 2018 in one of plastic houses at Azawia region Babylon. consisted the experiment of seven treatments such as spray by seaweed extract marmarine with concentration 1,1.5,2 ml. L-1 water and the nutrition Basfoliar aktiv with concentration 1, 2,3 ml. L-1 water as well as control treatment (without spraying) on ​​sweet pepper plant )along type(Sierra nevada variety were grown in plastic house as follows three times, The first spraying was conducted during flowering and the second spraying after 15 days of the first and the third after 15 days of the second. The experiment was conducted in design using (CRD) with three replicates. The results indicated that in vegetative growth characteristics (plant length, the number of leaves and content of chlorophyll in leaves) and fruiting growth characteristics (long, weight fruit and the number of fruits.plant-1 and the one plant yield) in spray of seaweed extract marmarine with concentration 1.5 ml. L-1 106.7 cm, 148.3 leaf,76.8 spad and 22.50 cm,83.30 gm,44.27 fruit.plant-1 and 3.688 kg.plant-1 respectively followed by treatment of Basfoliar aktiv with concentration 2 ml.L-1 in vegetative growth characteristic 97.0cm,131.7leaf, 60.2spad and fruiting growth characteristic 20.33cm,77.00gm,39.70fruit.plant-1and3.057kg.plant-1respectively.
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