International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 4, Issue 4 (2019)

Effect of solvent, time and temperature on the some chemical properties of Salep tuber (Anacamptis Collina)

Author(s): Saadatian M, Asiaban K
Abstract: To investigate the effects of solvent type (ethanol, methanol, acetone and water), methanol concentration (20-95% v/v) time (2-5 hours) and temperature (37-62 °C) on the extraction of total phenolic compounds (TPC), total flavonoid compounds (TFC), antioxidant capacity and carbohydrate solutes of Salep tuber (Anacamptis Collina) using a single factor experiments. all the studied extracting condition showed significant effect (p<0.05) on TPC, TFC, antioxidant capacity and carbohydrate solutes. On the basis of the parameters, the best extraction conditions were 95% methanol for 5 hours extraction at 50 °C. According to these optimized condition, high content of TPC, TFC, antioxidant capacity and carbohydrates of Salep tuber extracts were obtained with value of 73.15 GAE/100g, 178 QE/ 100g, 93% and 31.18 mg/g DW respectively. To obtain more data and accuracy of optimization should be investigating another extraction methods and condition for future.
Pages: 71-77  |  406 Views  226 Downloads
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