International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 4, Issue 5 (2019)

Evaluation of different potato varieties against potato aphid, Myzus persicae (Sulzer)

Author(s): Imtiaz Khan, Ahmad-Ur-Rahman Saljoqi, Fazal Maula, Bashir Ahmad, Javed Khan
Abstract: The present research work was conducted on population density of Myzus persicae (Sulzer) under field conditions and used Antixenosis and Antibiosis tests in different potato varieties against M. persicae under controlled conditions. Potato varieties viz, Bartina, Paramount, Karuda, Roko, Delia red and Ronaldo were arranged in Completely Randomized Block Design having three replications, while in glass house these varieties were replicated ten times in Completely Randomized Design for antibiosis and antixenosis tests. The overall mean number of M. persicae on different varieties revealed significant differences. Among these varieties, maximum infestation of M. persicae (2.7 aphids leaf-1) were incurred on Delia red, followed by Karuda, Bartina, Paramount and Roko, with mean number of 2.5, 2.0. 2.0 and 1.8 aphids leaf-1, respectively. Minimum mean M. persicae infestation (1.6 aphids leaf-1) was observed on variety Ronaldo. Initially M. persicae population was low with mean 0.7 aphids leaf-1 that gradually enhanced as the time proceeded and highest infestation (3.3 aphids leaf-1) was observed at 4th week (18th April). After that, decreasing trend in aphids was observed and the lowest number of aphid (1.6 Aphids leaf -1) was recorded on 7th week (10th May). Furthermore, the maximum yield (31.93 Tons (t) /ha) was obtained from Ronaldo followed by Roko (30.50 t ha-1), Bartina (29.73 t ha-1), Karuda (27.45 t ha-1) and Paramount (27.31 t ha-1). Minimum yield, 26.61 t ha-1 was found on variety Delia red. Negatively significant correlation was found between aphids population and total yield production. Overall variety Ronaldo showed excellent response in reducing aphids infestation and total yield production in t ha-1. In antixenosis test, none of the potato varieties revealed significant resistant towards M. persicae, after 12, 24 and 48 hours. In antibiosis test variety Ronaldo showed significant resistant towards M. persicae compared to all the potato varieties.
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