International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 4, Issue 5 (2019)

Morphological features of various selected tree species on the greater university campus Peshawar, Pakistan

Author(s): Abdul Basit, Sheharyar Khan, Sulaiman, Sikandar Shah, Aftab Ahmad Shah
Abstract: Trees, generally defined as “woody plants with single stem and a height of at least 10 feet or more” are the fundamental elements of natural ecosystem. Whereas, shrubs are woody plants with more than one stems commonly low heighted. A morphological study was conducted at The Historical University Campus Peshawar, where 13 tree species belonging to 10 families were identified and collected. The study revealed phenological stages, height, leaf spectrum, part used, origin and distribution of trees species. Majority of the tree species were included in the clade Angiosperm and have ornamental aspects. These tree species consisted 11 Dicot and 1 Monocot class of Angiosperm. Tree species found in The University Campus have economic benefits, as their various body parts are used for the treatment of different diseases such as roots for syphilis, dyspepsia and for insecticidal activity, stem help in heart problems and anemia, leaves in blood purification, cancer and stimulant and fruit for curing constipation, diabetes and ophthalmic diseases. It was observed that older tree population at the University Campus was highly affected by urban environmental stresses and their removal due to new academic construction sites.
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