International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 4, Issue 6 (2019)

Estimation the extent of inbreeding depression in F2 hybrids of hexaploid bread wheat

Author(s): Azra Gandahi, Mazhar Hussain Rind, Zainullah Khan, Naila Gandahi, Sanober Gandahi, Abdul Wahid Baloch
Abstract: The present study was conducted to quantify the inbreeding depression in six F2 hybrids. The genotypes (parents and F2 populations) of bread wheat differed significantly (P≤0.01) for yield and its components, signifying that ample genetic diversity is presented in evaluated genotypes for studied characters. Considering inbreeding depression, the F2 progeny Anmol-91 x SKD-1 displayed low extent of inbreeding depression for tillers plant-1 (-0.7.41%), spike length (-15.82%), grains spike-1 (-3.58%) and seed index (-0.21%); while, F2 progeny Anmol-91 x Khirman for grain yield plant-1 (-3.62%). Of the particular note, these above mentioned F2 progenies may be proved useful F2 hybrids for commercial cultivation.
Pages: 86-88  |  133 Views  31 Downloads
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