International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 4, Issue 6 (2019)

Diversity of macro flora in Parangipettai coastal environment, southeast coast of India

Author(s): Prasanth RM, Suresh Kumar P, Siva Kumar K
Abstract: The present study attempt was made on the exploration of Macro Flora in Parangipettai Town panchayats of Cuddalore district, Tamilnadu. The plants were surveyed by Line Transect method and checklist was prepared. About 81 families were recorded in the study area of Parangipettai and it accounts for 0.07 percentage of world floral species diversity. Among the families, the Fabaceae family has predominantly occupied 8 percentage, Poaceae 7 percentage, Apocynaceae, Asteraceae and Caesalpiniaceae and others were occupied 5, 4, 4 and below 4 respectively. There are five latex producing plant families that were coming under 81 and it occupies 18 percentage of total species distribution. Herbs were the most predominant (40 percentage) followed by trees (34 percentage) and (15 percentage) shrub engaged in the total floral diversity. According to the IUCN red data book, 94 per cent of the observed plants fell in the least concern category, 1 percentage in a vulnerable category and 2 percentages in each near threatened, data deficiency and endangered categories. It includes Mangrove species like Rhizophora spp, Avicennia spp and Excoecaria agallocha. Saltmarsh species like Suaeda spp and Sesuvium spp were also recorded. Sand dune species like Ipomoea spp and Spinifex spp were present in the study area. In the total floral diversity, 40 per cent of the recorded plants were invasive. In this, most serious invasive species like Eichhornia crassipes, Lantana camara, and Prosopis juliflora have predominately occupied.
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