International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2020)

Effect of inulin on physiochemical and sensory products cocoa liquor and milk chocolate from cocoa beans local south sulawesi: Indonesia

Author(s): Pirman, Muhammad Yusuf, Nur Fitriani UA
Abstract: Changes in the composition of cocoa nibs fermentation and without fermentation that is fortified with inulin to study the physicochemical properties of milk chocolate products produced. This research aims to produce milk chocolate products that can be received by consumers and determine the physicochemical properties of cocoa liquor products and milk chocolate. Milk chocolate products with the composition of cocoa beans fermentation and without fermentation in a comparison of 100:0 without the addition of inulin, 80:20 and 60:40 with the addition of Inulin 2, 4, and 6 %, analyzed with ANOVA (Analysis of Variance). Milk chocolate products derived from cocoa nibs fermentation and without fermentation on various compositions with the addition of inulin 2-6% acceptable to consumers, with a safe iron mineral content to consume. Low viscosity cocoa liquor value due to a reduced amount of cocoa fermentation nibs is 50,15 ± 0.05 poise (C1) and the addition of inulin to milk chocolate products significant effect on increasing the value of viscosity so that it affects Hardness value of milk chocolate products are 3970.685 Force (kg) (B 1.3). Milk chocolate products with the addition of prebiotic inulin 2-6% do not show a significant difference to the melting point increase of 32.97 oC (C1.3) but has a significant influence on the change in the value of L* 37,69 ± 0,410 (B 1.3) and increasing value a* and b* 17,29 ± 0,537 (B 1.3).
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