International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2020)

Effect of salt and drought stress on growth related traits of maize seedling under salicylic acid applications

Author(s): Najma Parveen, Qurban Ali, Arif Malik
Abstract: The effect of the major abiotic stresses like salt stress, drought stress and municipal wastewater stress under salicylic acid applications were investigated in maize seedlings by measuring the growth parameters which includes: TPH, LL, LW, leaf per plant, root length and fresh root weight, dry root weight, fresh shoot weight, dry shoot weight, shoot length and root shoot length. The seeds of two varieties Yellow Pak-afghoi and Hybrid y33y87 were sowed in small size pots which were filled with sandy soil each pot had 10 seeds and experiment was designated in the greenhouse. Seeds were germinated after 7 day while and then sprayed to all plants of pots by salicylic acid of 0.5M on contracting salt NaCl ( 0.5mM, 0.25mM and 0.75mM ) and over drought stressed plants ( 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% ) and sewage water (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%) respectively. After fourth treatment T4 data was recorded by the measurement of different morphological traits of maize and effects of SA on salt (NaCl), sewage water and drought stresses were also recorded and then statistically all data was analyzed for interactions, atavism analysis and all pairwise comparison test for stage, treatment and genotype. Both salt stress and drought stress were induced serious threat and deleterious effects in maize seedling by decrease the protein contents and all growth parameters measured. SA at 0.5mM concentration is more affective which helped in the best performance of maize seedling, reduced the severe impacts of saline, increasing the significant germination percentage, yields of including traits and also its impacts on drought tolerance in maize seedlings were recorded. Sewage water treatment on maize plants caused positive effects and enhanced yield, germination, all stages of growth due to presence of essential nutrients and organic matter.
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