International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2020)

Species composition of aquatic macrophytes in kandulijaan beel of dhemaji district, Assam in relation to fishery: A case study

Author(s): JD Mali, L Pegu, P Chutia
Abstract: Extensive survey was done in Kandulijaan beel to enlist the aquatic macrophytes. The study was conducted between March 2018-February 2019. 31 species belonging to 31 genera, 16 families and 13 orders have been recorded. The Poaceae family was found to be most dominant with 29% composition represented by 9 species followed by Asteraceae with 16% having 5 species. The Order Poales was found to be most abundant with 9 species followed by Asterales having 6 species. The Shannon Diversity index and Simpson value was found to be 2.385 and 0.837. The species richness value was 4.368 and the eveness value was 0.679. The Plant groups were found belonging to Monocots, Dicots and also Pteridophytes. Many of the macrophytes recorded act as breeding habitat for various fishes found in the beel.
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