International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 5, Issue 1 (2020)

Comparing and Correlating some Morphological and Physicochemical properties of the Natural (Non-transgenic), and some Genetically Modified (Transgenic) Cottonseeds (Gossypium hir-. Sutum L)

Author(s): Nuha Mohammed Elhassan Satti, Fatima Abdallah Mohammed Ahmed
Abstract: This study aims to compare some morphological features and physicochemical constituents of some natural cottonseeds (Gossypium hir sutum) (non- transgenic), and some genetically modified (GM) (transgenic) cotton seeds. The non- transgenic cottonseeds samples were collected from local markets in Sudan, while GM (transgenic) seeds were collected from some governmental and private research centers, seeds were imported from China and some other countries. Phenotypic features and proximate parameters of the two varieties were found somewhat similar, but some variations in the color, moisture, and ash content were noticed. The weight of 1000 seeds was also reported. Different colors of the GM cottonseeds had reported. The carbohydrate % content of non- transgenic seeds was 27.00±0.40, and it was 26.70±1.00 for the transgenic seeds; moisture % contents were 10.87±0.10, and 7.90±1.10, respectively; ash contents % were 3.55±0.06, and 5.19±1.06. Comparing these characterizations will help the farmers and the small agricultural companies to differentiate between organic and GM cottonseeds by simple and more applicable methods. Although the research article is specific to a local Sudanese samples, it gives good indications about the necessity of the subject which can be generalized world-wise.
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