International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 5, Issue 2 (2020)

Analysis of impulsive constituents in normal leaf and insect stimulated leaf gall of Mitragyna parvifolia

Author(s): Om Prakash Meena, Rishikesh Meena, Preeti Mishra
Abstract: The plant galls are a distinctive instance of multifaceted relation and conjoint adaptation involving the plant and the insect trigger cellular hyperplasia and hypertrophy. Mitragyna parvifolia (Kadamba) is a plant of religious standing. Mitragyna parvifolia has a prominent place in the diverse areas of human-usage. Till date, any sort of analyses of galls instigated on the leaves of Mitragyna parvifolia has not been there. The existing investigation was underway to compute the major as well as the minor phytochemical compounds present in normal leaves and the deviations that befall in leaf galls of Mitragyna parvifolia. The methanolic extracts of both the tissues were analyzed through gas chromatography-mass spectrometry technique aimed at the examination of the major components. The investigation primes to the conclusion that under biotic stress large number of polysaccharides, fatty acids and secondary metabolites are formed, and the leaf gall extract had a much greater unsaturated fatty acid content than a normal leaf extract. The fatty acids were obtained in greater expanse in leaf gall extract than normal leaf extract. The existence of this gall has not been recognized earlier. The investigate aims to scrutinize the host-pathogen interface, with the help of various biochemical facets triggered or altered during irritation caused by insect.
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