International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 5, Issue 3 (2020)

Ethno-botanical survey of medicinal plants of unexplored hilly areas of district Ramban (J&K)

Author(s): Munit Sharma, Rishi Thakur, Munish Sharma
Abstract: Medicinal plants have played significant roles in the lives of local peoples living in these regions by providing medicinal products. Medicinal plants are used for different purposes and in diverse uses of human beings. The use of medicinal plants is found in almost all cultures as a wellspring of medicine. Medicinal plants have been used for a large number of years to treat wellbeing issue and to avoid illness including epidemics. People had the basic information of medicinal values and curing various illness of medicinal plants from a period of past time that is evidenced with the aid of historic literature. The state of Jammu and Kashmir is well known for its splendour and biological reserves. A study was conducted in different areas of District Ramban(J&K) in order to check the present status of medicinal plants diversity their abundance and for suggested utilization measures for residential peoples of the area. District Ramban(J&K) ranged a totally rich variety due to varied altitude and latitude. During the field survey, medicinal plants used by the local community 79 plant species, specifically 55 herbs, 15 trees, and 09 shrubs the study area for treating various diseases and has great medicinal values. These plants are belonged to 38 families with Asteraceae was dominant in all sampling zones.
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