International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 5, Issue 6 (2020)

Effect of Piper longum Linn on the oral bioavailability of Phenytoin

Author(s): Anita S Wanjari, Swanand S Pathak, Dhiraj Rajput, Dinesh S Wanjari, Sanjivani Jadhao, Rohit Gokarn
Abstract: Background: Bioavailability is the part of an orally administered dose which reaches in the systemic circulation after metabolism. Ayurveda Indian system of medicine uses herbal combination Trikatu in most of the formulation. Piper longum Linn is an ingredient in the Trikatu as considered as a bioavailability enhancer. The antiepileptic drug, Phenytoin is having a narrow therapeutic range with side effects. By incorporating P.longum with Phenytoin, the absorption of Phenytoin was studied. Objectives: To study the oral bioavailabilityof P.longum Linn with Phenytoin. Materials and Methods: In the control group of six rats, 0.5 ml of suspension containing 10 mg Phenytoin was given for 5 days orally. In an experimental group of six rats, 0.5 ml of suspension containing 10 mg Phenytoin was given along with 200 mg powder of P.longum Linn for 5 days orally. On the 6th day, the blood sample was collected by using capillary tubes by retro-orbital puncture. HPLC was performed to assess the Phenytoin concentration in the blood serum in both groups. Results: Estimation of Phenytoin in blood serum, the illustrated area under the curve was more in rats in which P.longum Linn was given along with Phenytoin as compared to rats in which Phenytoin was given alone. Conclusion: The study demonstrates that P.longum Linn may be increasing the absorption of Phenytoin. This study provides the insight for possibility of decreasing the dose of Phenytoin, if administered with P. longum Linn.
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