International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 5, Issue 6 (2020)

Micropropagation and clonal fidelity testing in Solanum Capsicoides All

Author(s): Anusree K Dharman, M Anilkumar
Abstract: Solanum capsicoides All. Is a valuable medicinal plant from which the therapeutic agent ‘kantakari’ is extracted. This is used in the treatment of various ailments especially respiratory problems. The plant is diminishing in natural habitat due to over exploitation by pharmaceutical industry and this urges for protection and conservation of the plant. The objective of the study was to standardize a protocol for the direct organogenesis of Solanum capsicoides All. The explants such as cotyledon, shoot tip, and hypocotyl inoculated on MS medium supplemented with auxins and cytokinins in different concentrations and combinations initiated direct shoot buds after 15-30 days of inoculation. Shoot tips inoculated on MS medium augmented with 2.46µM 2iP produced maximum shoots with an average of 15.5. The initial cultures were subcultured on different hormonal regimes of which MS medium containing 6.97µM KIN produced an average of 57 shoots from a single cotyledon explant. The shoots thus obtained were rooted, acclimatized and transferred to field conditions. Clonal fidelity of regenerated plant was studied using ISSR marker. The polymorphism percentage ranged from 0 to 40% and the PIC value varied from 0 to 0.38 thus revealing low level of diversity. The protocol developed can thus be utilized for the mass multiplication and conservation of S. capsicoides.
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