International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 5, Issue 6 (2020)

Pharmacognostic characterization of Mung Beans (Vigana radiate (L. R. Wilczek) Seeds for identification and evaluation

Author(s): Sonali V Uppalwar, Vandana Garg, Rohit Dutt
Abstract: Seeds of Mung beans (Vigana radiata L.R. Wilczek) belongs to family Fabaceae, an important food source and traditional medicinal cereals in the Indian system of medicine. In recent years, they have also gained popularity due to their dynamic therapeutic potential. However, before conducting research, it is essential to authenticate them. Botanical microscopy is the most convenient technique for authenticating plant material. So this study examines detailed pharmacognostic features of seeds of Mung beans using a bright-field microscope and polarized light microscope. In addition to Microscopic studies, various physicochemical parameter of seeds of mung beans were also evaluated like total ash value, water-soluble ash, acid-soluble ash, swelling index, foaming index and extractive values of different extracts. Morphologically, seeds were olive-green in colour, elliptical in shape, smooth and shiny with long white raphe. The embryo has located in the middle part of the seeds, surrounded by endospores. The endosperm cells are large elliptical in shape, thin-walled and dense accumulating starch grains as well as narrow straight micropylar canal starting from the outer surface of the embryonal chamber that is some of the diagnostic features observed from the anatomical study. In powder microscopy, palisade sclereids or columnar sclereids and starch grains were found to be abundant. The results of the pharmacognostic study of seeds of Mung beans can serve as a valuable source of data and provide suitable significant standards for the taxonomic identification and evaluation of quality. Researchers may also use supportive data while preparing monographs. It may serve as a supporting reference for future investigations and several applications.
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