International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 5, Issue 6 (2020)

Assessment of the currentsituation of populations of Vicia sativa L. species in different regions of Azerbaijan

Author(s): Zulfiya Jalal gizi Mammadova
Abstract: Assessment of the age periods and ontogenetic age status of high-yielding Vicia sativa L. species in the ontogenesis of Vicia L. genus of Fabacea Lindl. Famlies was carried out. Juvenile and immature individuals were not found in the ontogenesis, an increase in the number of subsenil and senile individuals were observed, and young, old, transitional сenopopulations were identified. However, the majority of the studied populations were transitional type (∆ = 0.34-0.54; ὠ = 0.56-0.67). Only evolving vitality was observed under assessing of vitality, and one-way irreversible variables were observed under studying the dynamics of development. The results are very dangerous for the Vicia sativa species; indicating the deterioration of the population and the underdevelopment of the cenosis. Ddevelop conservation measures have been recommendedtaking into account these qualities of valuable fodder plant Vicia sativa L. in the development of livestock in agriculture, the creation of a strong fodder base, the improvement of natural fodder and arable lands, the creation of high-yielding and high-quality hayfields.
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