International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 5, Issue 6 (2020)

Comparative study to evaluate the wound healing property of Khanduchakka ghrita (Ehertia laevis Roxb.) in the management of Dushtavrana: A study Protocol

Author(s): Kiran Khandare, Pradnya Ghormode, Shailesh Dhenge
Abstract: Background: The healing of wound or an ulcer is the natural response of the body. Naturally wound will heal in one week if there is no secondary infection. The vrana (Wound) lasting for more than a week and which fails to heal for a long period, resulting into chronic wound is called dushta vrana, Ghruta application is the best line of management for dushtavrana as told by Sushruta in 60 upakramas for the treatment of vrana. Aims and Objectives: The present work is further step in the field of Shalyatantra entitled “Comparative study of Jati (Jasminum Grandiflorum L.) ghrita and Traditional Khanduchakka (Ehertia laevis Roxb.)ghrita on Dushtavrana” with following aims and objectives. § Assessment of efficacy of Khanduchakka grhita (Ehretia laevis Roxb.) and Jati ghrita (Jasminum grandiflorum L.) in management of Dushtavrana. § To evaluate the effective measures for management of Dushtavrana. § To compare the duration period for Ropana (healing) of Khanduchakka grhita with Jati ghrita on Dushtavrana. Methodology: Thirty patients of Dushtavrana are divided into two groups Group- A & Group- B each having fifteen patients irrespective of age, and gender. Khanduchakka ghrita as group-A and Jatighrita as group-B. Conclusions: Conclusions will be pointed out after data analysis.
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