International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 5, Issue 6 (2020)

Assesement of post-harvest changes in reducing sugars of sugarcane crop as a result of various leaf extract sprays

Author(s): Jagjeet Singh, Zafar Abbas
Abstract: Two early maturing varieties( CoS 08272, Co 0238) and two late maturing (CoS 08279,Co 05011) sugarcane varieties were tested for post-harvest changes in reducing sugars,studied (0-240 hrs) during late (maturing) milling period due to various leaf extracts sprays such as Harvested cane (T1) control, Neem leaf extracts (T2),oxalis leaf extracts (T3), Castor leaf extracts (T4), Jatropha leaf extracts (T5), Clereodendron (T6), Argemone leaf extracts (T7), Datura leaf extracts (T8), Oxalis leaf extracts (T9) applied just after cane cut. There was gradual significant increase (>90%) in reducing sugars content as a result of delay in cut to crush period, upto 240 hrs. The impact of lantana leaf extracts (T5) was noted most effective in minimizing reducing sugars formation followed by oxalis leaf extracts (T9), Jatropha leaf extracts (T4) and Neem leaf extracts (T2). Variety Co 5011significantly respoded best.
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