International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 5, Issue 6 (2020)

Studies on leaf nitrogen % and CCS content in selected sugarcane varieties

Author(s): Satya pal Verma, Zafar Abbas
Abstract: In a field experiment conducted during spring planting 2016-2017 at Agriculture farm, G.F. College, Shahjahanpur on four selected (Co 0238, CoS 08272, Co 05011, and CoS 08279) varieties in which effect of pre-sowing soaking of setts (T1) Untreated (control) unsoaked; (T2) Potassium Nitrate for one hour; (T3) GA3 50ppm; (one hour) (T4) Metrivuzin 100ppm; (one hour) (T5) Ethrel 100ppm; (one hour) (T6) 2,4 D 100ppm; (one hour) (T7) Coconut water (50% aqueous solution); (T8) Kinetin (100ppm) (one hour) on leaf Nitrogen (at 90,120,150,180 days) and CCS(t/ha) content at harvest was studied. It was observed that at harvest CCS(t/ha) content was highest in GA3 (T3)treated setts 18.8% more that untreated control (T1) which was directly associated with higher leaf nitrogen(%) noted during all growth stages studied. The lowest CCS (t/ha) value was recorded into 2, 4 D sett soakings. Co 5011 recorded highest CCS (t/ha) content at harvest while CoS 08272 responded least for this parameter.
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