International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

Vol. 5, Issue 6 (2020)

Fruits, seeds at elevated co2 in cotton & tur in Nagpur district

Author(s): PA Lambat, AP Lambat
Abstract: There is a significant impact of elevated CO2 on the N concentration of plant tissues and present data to support the hypothesis that reductions in the quality of plant tissue commonly occur when plants are grown under elevated CO2. To study response of plants in high CO2 and other gas in environment with precise control and regulation of desired CO2, temperature and humidity inside the Open Top Chambers. Open Top Chambers is an innovative and cost-effective approach to investigate effects of elevated CO2, Temperature and humidity on the growth dynamics and yield response of plants. In this approach CO2 gas is supplied to the chambers through CO2 gas cylinders and maintained at the set levels using manifold gas regulators, pressure pipelines, solenoid valves, sampler, pump, CO2 analyser, PC linked supervisory control ad data acquisition (SCADA). The different conditions used for the experiment are as follows: AMB: Ambient Outside, OTC1: Ambient C02 (Control), OTC2: Elevated C02 (450ppm) + Ambient Temp, OTC3: Elevated C02 (500 ppm) + Ambient Temp, OTC4: Elevated C02 (550ppm) + Ambient Temp. Thus, on the basis of the study results, it is concluded that there is noticeable change in the number of fruits on Cotton, and Tur crops in the study area.
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