International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

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Adaptive response of oryza sativa (L.) To salinity stress
Pages: 01-03  
Population status, regeneration and seed germination of eight legumes of Shorea forest in North- Eastern Uttar Pradesh
Pages: 04-11  
Cyclamen persicum f. puniceum (Gleason) Grey-Wilson New Plant Record Joined the Lebanese Flora
Pages: 12-15  
Environmental assessment of mycoflora associated with spoilage of some common fruits at Shahdol (M.P.)
Pages: 16-19  
Genotoxicity of pesticides to onion root tip Meristematic cells
Pages: 20-23  
Effects of various AMF and Bacillus pumilus strain NBRC 12092 on growth of Ocimum sanctum under salinity stress
Pages: 24-27  
Seasonal variation in lichen litter in different forest types of Kumaun Himalaya, India
Pages: 28-31  
Survey of some common medicinal plants of Hathras district of Uttar Pradesh (India) and their ethnomedicinal values
Pages: 32-33  
Study of pollen morphology of some common economically important plants of Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal, India
Pages: 34-37  
A taxonomic and vegetative analysis of Palamalai Hill, Coimbatore
Pages: 38-42  
Morpho-anatomical adaptations in some herbs growing near Ulhas River polluted with industrial effluent
Pages: 43-48  
Floristic survey of Arunachalapuram village, Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu
Pages: 49-53  
Effect of 24-epibrassinolide on growth and metabolism of rose-scented geranium [Pelargonium graveolens (L.) Herit] under cadmium toxicity
Pages: 54-59  
Effect of indole-3-acetic acid on the stem and root growth pattern of phaseolus vulgaris (Rajma)
Pages: 60-63  
Biodiversity of fungal endopyhtes from coleus aromaticus (benth.)
Pages: 64-67  
Diversity and economic importance of tree species in Narnala wildlife sanctuary (MS)
Pages: 68-70  
Macro and micromorphological study of Canscora decurrens Dalz. Found in Deolapar area near Nagpur Maharashtra
Pages: 71-75  
Some socio-economic plants of tribal dominated parts of southern Rajasthan, India
Pages: 76-83  
Some noteworthy updates to the flora of Jabalpur district Madhya Pradesh
Pages: 84-87  
Studies on variation in essential oil composition from different accessions of Cymbopogon citratus (DC) Stapf
Pages: 88-92  
Toxic effect of secondary metabolites secreted by rhizospheric fungi isolated from Bt-cotton
Pages: 93-95  
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