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International Journal of Botany Studies
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Morpho-Anatomical studies on Vitex Negundo L.
Pages: 01-07  
Element analysis of Tamilnadia uliginosa retz. tirveng & Sastre (Rubiaceae)
Pages: 08-10  
Effect of plant growth regulators on in vitro regeneration of Hemigraphis alternata (burm. f.) t. Anderson
Pages: 11-15  
Roots stimulation of selected genotypes of Aquilaria malaccensis Lamk. through Indole-butyric acid (IBA): A most economically important species of northeastern region
Pages: 16-20  
Evaluation of bioactive compounds of Solanum trilobatum L.: A native medicinal plant
Pages: 21-28  
Floristic and Ecological studies of Mayureshwar and Rehekuri wildlife sanctuaries
Pages: 29-37  
Determination of antifungal potential of secondary metabolites from Jatropha curcas and Abrus precatorius
Pages: 38-41  
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of scopoletin in the morphotypes of Morinda citrifolia from South India
Pages: 42-47  
Seed germination study on some threatened plants of Rajasthan desert
Pages: 48-51  
Evaluation of anticancer activity using leaf extract of Simarouba glauca on leukemic cancer cell lines
Pages: 52-56  
Phytochemical screening and antimicrobial activity of rhizome extract of Zingiber Zerumbet (l) smith
Pages: 57-60  
Antimicrobial potential of Alhagi maurorum against clinically important microbes
Pages: 61-64  
A comprehensive review on Butea monosperma: A valuable traditional plant
Pages: 65-71  
Physicochemical characterization of Nigella sativa L. and Allium cepa L. seeds
Pages: 72-74  
Prevention and control of garlic rot
Pages: 75-78  
Blue green algae as biofertilizers dry matter yield of paddy (Oryza sativa L.)
Pages: 79-81  
Wild and some threatened medicinal plants used by Tribals of Sidhi district (Madhya Pradesh), India
Pages: 82-86  
Preliminary phytochemical screening of a medicinal plant Ceropegia bulbosa Roxb.
Pages: 87-90  
Phytohormone-like effect of pyrimidine derivatives on regulation of vegetative growth of tomato
Pages: 91-102  
Biochemical and antioxidant screening of three important medicinal plants from Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Pages: 103-107  
Anatomical studies and preliminary phytochemical analysis in cucumis dipsaceous ex. spach. ehrenb
Pages: 108-111  
In vitro antioxidant and in vivo anti-inflammatory activities of methanolic extracts from Exacum bicolor Roxb
Pages: 112-120  
Pollen biology and morphology of Anogeissus latifolia, (Roxb. ex DC) Wall. ex Bedd. (Combretaceae)
Pages: 121-123  
Micropropagational studies in Enicostema littorale
Pages: 124-126  
In vitro propagation and rapid multiplication of Tylophora indica (Burm.f.) Merrill
Pages: 127-128  
Diversity of nectariferous and polleniferous honeybee flora found in Chittur Taluk of Palakkad district India for commercial apiculture
Pages: 129-132  
High frequency plant regeneration through adventitious multiple shoot organogenesis in epicotyl explants of sensitive plant (Mimosa pudica Linn)
Pages: 133-137  
Effect of sodium arsenite, As (III) toxicity on photosynthetic metabolism and carbohydrate content of mungbean seedlings
Pages: 138-141  
Identification of functional groups from leaf and stem bark extract of selected species of artabotrys
Pages: 142-145  
Incidence and distribution of Loranthus spp. in Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Pages: 146-148  
Ethanobotanical Uses and Phytochemical analysis of Abelmoschus manihot (L.) Medik
Pages: 149-151  
Ethnobotanical distribution in Rewari and Mahendergarh district of Haryana
Pages: 152-157  
Ecological vegetation of some medicinal plants in Nandur Madhyameshwar, Nashik, India
Pages: 158-160  
IR spectroscopy and antimicrobial activity of ethanolic flower extract of Hibiscus rosa sinensis Linn. (HIBISCUS Red)
Pages: 161-163  
Additions to the Pteridophyte Diversity of Gujarat, India
Pages: 164-167  
Two new species of Curvularia Boedijn from Sagar, (M.P.) India
Pages: 168-171  
Enterobacter cloacae strain PGLO9: Potential source of maize growth promoting rhizobacteria
Pages: 172-175  
An investigation of enzyme inhibitory activity of different leaf extracts of Taxus baccata Linn.
Pages: 176-178  
Analysis of Sesuvium portulacastrum (L.) L. by E. D. S. method
Pages: 179-180  
Some traditional genotypes of Sorghum from Hingoli district, Maharashtra
Pages: 181-185  
Floristic composition and diversity of Sree Andalur sacred grove, Kannur District, Kerala
Pages: 186-189  
Physicochemical and Preliminary Phytochemical standard of leaves of Skimmia anquetilia
Pages: 190-193