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International Journal of Botany Studies
International Journal of Botany Studies
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Investigations on Essesntial and non-essential compounds changes during treatments of wild tubers of dioscorea species
Pages: 01-08  
Evaluation of different grafting techniques in mango varieties
Pages: 09-13  
Influence of phytohormones on in vitro callus induction of Glycyrrhiza glabra L. using nodal segments
Pages: 14-17  
An annotated list of trees of Rajshahi city, Bangladesh
Pages: 18-22  
Screening of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), genotypes under osmotic stress at germination and seedling stage.
Pages: 23-30  
Impact of seed rate, organic and inorganic fertilizer management on wheat yield
Pages: 31-36  
Comparative study on the effect of pre and post-harvest calcium chloride treatments on microbial and sensory characteristics of sweet cherries
Pages: 37-42  
Moderation of water deficit stress-induced damages by the application of silver nano particles and indole butyric acid foliar spray in maize
Pages: 43-50  
Economic importance of multi- purpose plants in al-jabal al-akhdar, Libya
Pages: 51-56  
A study of Bacterial Pollen Azotobacter chroococcum, Psudomonas putide and Organic Compost in Cucurbita pepo L. growth
Pages: 57-61  
Urea and nano-nitrogen fertigation and foliar application of nano-boron and nano-molybdenum on water use efficiency, agronomic efficiency and elements use efficiency by potato plants (Solanum tuberosum. l)
Pages: 62-69  
Evaluation of genotypic and hormone mediated callus induction and regeneration in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L)
Pages: 70-76  
Effect of herbal spray for coconut copra process, storage and Post-harvest disease management
Pages: 77-81  
Qualitative, quantitative screening and antifungal study of Ficus Semicordata Buch. -HAM. Ex Sm.
Pages: 82-85  
Estimation the extent of inbreeding depression in F2 hybrids of hexaploid bread wheat
Pages: 86-88  
Evaluation of the phytochemical constituents of leaf and root bark of Calotropis procera and parquetina nigrescens: A potential bioinsecticide of insect pests
Pages: 89-92  
Distribution of macro-flora in CAS marine biology campus, southeast coast of Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, India
Pages: 93-101  
Studies on clastogenic activity caused by synthetic red food colour dye on the root tips of Allium cepa L.
Pages: 102-105  
Diversity of macro flora in Parangipettai coastal environment, southeast coast of India
Pages: 106-118  
Exposure of guar seeds (C. Tetragonoloba L.) to electric field
Pages: 119-133  
Induction of xylanase and pectinase enzymes of Aspergillus by Mentha deproteinised leafy broth
Pages: 134-140  
Pharmacognostical and phytochemical investigation of Madanga (Viscum Articulatum Burm f.) Haustoria
Pages: 141-144  
Pure culture isolation and optimal conditions for the mycelia growth of Lactarius sanguifluus: An edible ectomycorrhizal mushroom
Pages: 145-148  
Bark extracts of C. fistula and M. indica inhibit the human salivary metalloproteinases
Pages: 149-155