International Journal of Botany Studies

ISSN: 2455-541X

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Ethnomedicinal, phytochemical and pharmacological properties of Mangifera indica L: A review
Pages: 01-05  
Fakhar E Punjab (YSH-95): A high-yielding dual-purpose indigenous sorghum hybrid
Pages: 06-12  
Quantitative assessment of broccoli (Brassica oleracea var Italica) in response to nitrogen levels
Pages: 13-20  
The effect of fertilizers on the percentage of total carbonate minerals on the sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)
Pages: 21-24  
The role of blue bottle fly in the science of crime analysis: A review
Pages: 25-28  
Advances in herbivore-induced plant volatiles (HIPVs) as plant defense and application potential for crop protection
Pages: 29-36  
Anti: Proliferative efficacy of the leaf extract of Aristolochia tagala cham, on hep G2 cell line
Pages: 37-44  
Isolation and chracterization of pectinase producing Aspergillus Niger from orange
Pages: 45-48  
Cimmyt pak: A high yielding short season white maize open pollinated variety
Pages: 49-51  
Chemical management of parthenium: A review
Pages: 52-56  
Mulching improves weeds management, soil carbon and productivity of spring planted maize (Zea mays L.)
Pages: 57-61  
Traditional importance of Punarnava: Boerhavia diffusa
Pages: 62-64  
Does seed priming with Trichoderma isolates have any impact on germination and seedling vigor of wheat
Pages: 65-68  
Detailed micrometrical, pharmacognostical and analytical evaluation of Rhododendron arboreum Sm. leaves
Pages: 69-73  
Effects of physical and chemical mutagens on seed germination, seedling height, seedling injury and pollen sterility in m1 generation of Clitoria ternatea L
Pages: 74-78  
Analysis of impulsive constituents in normal leaf and insect stimulated leaf gall of Mitragyna parvifolia
Pages: 79-82  
Phyto-pharmacognostical and physicochemical evaluation of Gmelina arborea Roxb. flower
Pages: 83-86  
Plant diversity assessment of Wadi Al–Hilali, northern border region, Saudi Arabia
Pages: 87-95  
Pharmacognostic standardisation and high performance thin layer chromatography fingerprint profile of Gymnema sylvestre R. Br. leaves
Pages: 96-103  
Phytopharmacognostical study of root of Leptedinia reticulata
Pages: 104-107  
Qualitative and quantitate phytochemical investigation of Viscum articulatum Burm f. stem.
Pages: 108-109  
Phytochemical analysis and antibacterial activities of Tylophora indica
Pages: 110-114  
Pharmacognostical and phytochemical analysis of leaf, stem and root of Cocculus hirsutus
Pages: 115-124  
Evaluation of total phenol, total flavonoid content and antioxidant activity of Careya Arborea Roxb. Bark and leaves
Pages: 125-132  
The effectiveness of mixed herbicide bentazone 400 g/l + MCPA 60 g/l against weeds emphasis on tabela rice crop system
Pages: 133-139  
Phenolic compounds proliferation by HPLC: to find out antibacterial activities in Ficus benghalensis plant extract
Pages: 140-144  
Effication of Herbicide 2,4-D dimethylamine 870 g/l against weeds in paddy rice crops (Oryza sativa)
Pages: 145-147  
Assessment of genetic variability and traits association in upland cotton (gossypium hirsutum l.)
Pages: 148-151  
Studies on effect of induced physical mutagenesis on seed germination, seedling survival and lethal dosage of little millet (panicum sumatrense roth ex roemer & schults)
Pages: 152-156  
Action of Berberis aristata on various aspects of bone remodeling
Pages: 157-162  
Indigenous Knowledge of Medicinal Plants Used by the Tribes in Muthanga Range of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Wayanad, Kerala, India
Pages: 163-171  
Biocontrol of early blight of tomato caused due to Alternaria alternata by using plant latex
Pages: 172-174  
Floristic diversity and composition of Dharampur hills in western Ghat, Gujarat
Pages: 175-182  
Pop-1: First ever popcorn open pollinated variety in Pakistan
Pages: 183-185  
Studies of biochemical traits expression in Joha rice (Oryza sativa) of Assam in response to Organic and Inorganic culture
Pages: 186-190  
Phytopharmacognostical investigation of Securinega leucopyrus (Willd.) Muell: An extrapharmacopoeial drug
Pages: 191-196  
The effectiveness of the Cyhalofop-butyl 100 g / l herbicide on weeds and their effects on the growth and yield of rice (Oryza sativa L.) varieties of Ciherang
Pages: 197-202  
Genetic characterization of genus Tephrosia Pers. based on molecular markers in KSA
Pages: 203-209  
Solanum americanum Mill. (Solanaceae) An addition to the flora of Rajasthan: in arid and semi-arid region of India
Pages: 210-212  
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