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Bioactive compounds in ethanolic extract of Sansevieria roxburghiana leaves using GC-MS technique
Pages: 01-04  
Synthesis and antibacterial activity of ZNO nanoparticles using Ipomoea Carnea flower extract
Pages: 05-09  
Direct and indirect organogenesis of Gymnostachyum latifolium var. decurrens: An endangered plant
Pages: 10-14  
Brief review on edible and non-edible oil yielding plants of Bhadravathi Taluk, Karnataka
Pages: 15-17  
Collection practices of himalayan medicinal plants (Nardostachys Jatamansi): Ancient, ayurvedic, traditional and present application
Pages: 18-21  
Baseline study of the lichen flora of the minor caucasus, Azerbaijan
Pages: 22-25  
Anti-weeding effect of the extract of leaves of Alpinia galanga L. willd collected from kodavoor region of udupi district over the growth of other angiospermic weeds
Pages: 26-28  
A comparative pharmacognostical and prilimary phytochemical evaluation of Bharangi (Clerodendrumserratum (Linn) Kutz. and Tarkari (Clerodendrum phlomidis (Linn.) f. –root
Pages: 29-34  
Preliminary phytochemical screening, quantitative analysis, of antioxidant and antibacterial activity of crude plant extracts from Citrus Sinensis l.
Pages: 35-43  
Efficient and rapid method for the screening of transgenic rice plants
Pages: 44-47  
Inheritance and genetic analysis of EMS induced stay green mutants and their wild type angina 22
Pages: 48-51  
Method development and validation of quercetin obtained from the extraction of almond leaves by UV spectrophotometry and FTIR
Pages: 52-57  
Estimation of rutin in Nelumbo nucifera leaves by HPTLC
Pages: 58-62  
Biodiversity of fresh water algae from Vellar river Cuddalore district of Tamil Nadu
Pages: 63-70  
Comparative adaptations in halophytes (Salicornia Europaea L., Puccinellia Distans (JACQ.) parl., and Atriplex olivieri MOQ.) exposed to salt stress
Pages: 71-75  
Pharmacological over review on medicinal plant in Pterolobium hexapetalum (Roth.) sant and wagh.
Pages: 76-78  
Pharmacological over review on medicinal plant in Malaxis rheedii sw,
Pages: 79-82  
in vitro culture of musa species (CV. Gaja Bantala) using different phytohormones
Pages: 83-89  
Growth of Triticum aestivum L and Sesamum indicum L. using mycorrhizal root & rhizospheric soil of Parthenium as natural vam inoculums
Pages: 90-94  
Isolation, purification and mass production of protease from Bacillus subtilis
Pages: 95-98  
GC-MS analysis of phytochemical compounds in the ethanolic extract of flower of three species of Ipomoea
Pages: 99-104  
Effect of nitrogen fertilizer on productivity of rhodes grass (Chloris Gayana L. Kunth) cultivars
Pages: 105-110  
Determination of bioactive compounds from Erythrina variegata leaf extract using gas chromatographic and mass spectroscopic techniques
Pages: 111-114  
Comparative study on the extracellular amylase activity of amylolytic bacteria isolated from different soil types and earthworms gut
Pages: 115-121  
A brief review study on Nimba (Azadirachta indica) - A nature’s gift
Pages: 122-124  
Ethnomedicinal plants used by the tribal inhabitants of two of the wettest places on earth: An overview
Pages: 125-134  
Effect of neutraceuticals on physico-chemical properties of mulberry blended juice
Pages: 135-140  
Study of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal status of different types of plantation and the effect of indigenous vam on the growth of Sorghum bicolor
Pages: 141-146  
Micropropagation of Buchanania lanzan spreng.-an endangered medicinal plant of the Western Ghats
Pages: 147-151  
Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory activity of fruit extract phytocompounds of Chloroxylon swietenia DC
Pages: 152-157  
Genetic parameters in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Pages: 158-160  
Partial purification and characterization of star fruit leaves (Averrhoa carambola l.) polyphenol oxidase and its immobilization study with different matrices for removal of aqueous phenol
Pages: 161-167  
Screening of potassium solubilizing bacteria and their growth promoters
Pages: 168-171  
Role of seaweed extract application on physiological planting value of rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Pages: 172-174  
Preliminary phytochemical screening of different solvent mediated extracts of genus Cucumis L. and Momordica L. of family Cucurbitaceae from Northern India
Pages: 175-179  
Studies of antioxidant activities in leaf extract of Pisonia alba span. (Nyctaginaceae)
Pages: 180-183  
Comparison of nutritional status of three mango cultivars during fruit ripening
Pages: 184-188  
Clinical effects of ekal aushadhi and aushadhi yoga in sukhprasava: a review
Pages: 189-192  
Bradyrhizobium japonicum, an efficient microbial consortium for the effective and improved growth of leguminous crops in a polluted soil ecosystem
Pages: 193-201  
Pharmacognostic studies on Lycium barbarum L.
Pages: 202-204  
Regulatory comparative studies for the registration process of bio similar products in Australia and Singapore
Pages: 205-212  
Evaluation of antibacterial activity of the endophytic fungi isolated from spice plants
Pages: 213-219  
Isolation and optimization studies of phosphate solubilizing Rhizobium leguminosarum
Pages: 220-223  
To study the effect of pranayama technique (breathing exercise) on lung function test of healthy volunteers
Pages: 224-226  
An ethnobotanical importance and phytochemical analysis of Carica papaya l.
Pages: 227-231  
Karyomorphology of three taxa of Haemanthus multiflorus martyn. from south India
Pages: 232-234  
Isolation of high pure lycopene from ripened tomato and its Nano preparation with corn zein protein for improved stability and bioaccessibility
Pages: 235-242  
Green synthesis of iron nanoparticles using aqueous extract of Turbinaria Conoides (J. Agardh) and their anticancer properties
Pages: 243-248  
Medicinal plants for intercropping in plantations
Pages: 249-251  
Induced chemical mutagenesis on prosomillet (Panicum miliceium) L Var- Co3 in seedling characters of m1 generation
Pages: 252-254  
A new derivative and non-derivative UV-spectroscopic approach for quantification of simvastatin and sitagliptin in bulk and pharmaceutical formulation
Pages: 255-260  
GC-MS fingerprinting of wild Cymbopogon flexuosus (Nees ex Steud) Wats. essential oil
Pages: 261-266  
Preliminary phytochemical, HPLC and GC-MS profile of Embelia ribes burm. f.– An vulnerable species
Pages: 267-273  
A critical interpretation over Bhumyamlaki (A medicinal plant): A brief review study
Pages: 274-276  
Antioxidant and antibacterial activities of Cassia auriculata in urinary tract infection patients
Pages: 277-281  
Antibacterial and GC-MS analysis of stem and leaf of Premna paucinervis (C.B. Clarke) gamble (Lamiaceae)- An endemic and rediscoverded species
Pages: 282-292  
Phytomediated synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles from the leaf extracts of Clausena anisata (Willd.) Hook. F. Ex Benth. and its antimicrobial activity
Pages: 293-298  
Diversity analysis and seasonal variation of endophytic fungi from Santalum album
Pages: 299-305  
Broad spectrum anti-quorum sensing activity of traditional medicinal plant: Piper betel
Pages: 306-311  
Classical taxonomy, quantitative and qualitative phytochemical profile of Embelia Tsjeriam-cottam (Roem. & Schult.) A. dc- a threatened Indian traditional species
Pages: 312-318  
Development of quality control parameters for the standardization of Leonotis nepetaefolia (L) R.Br.: barchibuti flowers
Pages: 319-322  
Effect of Azospirillium on quantity of saponin in roots of Chlorophytum borivilianum (Safed musli)
Pages: 323-324  
Chemical Constituents and antidiabetic activity of Cordia dichotoma a valuable source for bioactive compounds
Pages: 325-331  
Green synthesis of copper nanoparticle from Cordia dichotoma leaf extract and its antimicrobial activity
Pages: 332-339  
Influence of growth stimulants on photosynthetic activity of spring barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) crops
Pages: 340-345  
Biosynthesis of ZNO nanoparticles (ZNO-NPS) from potential fungi and their antifungal activity against Helminthosporium oryzae
Pages: 346-349  
Evaluation of antagonistic activity of potential soil fungi against pathogen
Pages: 350-354  
Ethno-medicinal plants in waghai forest in Dang’s district, South Gujarat, India
Pages: 355-359  
Exploration and documentation of some more wild edible food plants from tribal region of Peth tehsil, Nashik district (Maharashtra.) India
Pages: 360-366  
Phytochemical analysis, antioxidant and antibacterial properties of Opuntia Ficus-indica (L.) mill. against the wound infecting bacteria
Pages: 367-373  
Implementation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on lead nitrate PB (no3)2 tolerance in green gram (Vigna Radiata. (l) R. Wilczek
Pages: 374-381  
Light emitting diodes in greenhouse chrysanthemum: Effect on morphoanatomy and physiological responses
Pages: 382-386  
Cytotoxicity, antioxidant and antimicrobial assay of Elaeocarpus ganitrus (Rudraksha) seeds
Pages: 387-391  
Antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties analysis by GC-MS, FT-IR and phytochemical screening of Carica papaya (L.) and nilavembu kudineer choornam
Pages: 392-403  
The critical interpretation on Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) and its physiological action over human body- A review study
Pages: 404-406  
in silico and in vitro approach of senna alata methanolic leaf extract as potent anti-alzheimer’s
Pages: 407-416  
UV-VIS spectroscopy and GC-MS analysis of Elaeocarpus Ganitrus (Rudraksha) seeds
Pages: 417-420  
Impact of different type of plantations on the diversity of asteraceae in Doddabetta, Nilgiri district, Tamil Nadu
Pages: 421-426  
in vitro cytotoxicity of Dioscorea oppositifolia L. against breast cancer cell line MCF-7
Pages: 427-429  
Growth of wheat plants influence by Azolla as organic manure
Pages: 430-432  
Biosorption of lead ions from aqueous solutions by using dead biomass of Bacillus subtilis
Pages: 433-440  
Valorization of waste obtained from oil extraction of Moringa oleifera seeds
Pages: 441-445  
Antifungal activity of aloevera extracts on the soil borne fungi
Pages: 446-451  
Response of nitrogen and planting pattern to growth and yield in maize (zea maize l.) Intercropped with cowpea (Vigna unguinculata)
Pages: 452-454  
Evaluation of antifungal activity and phytochemical analysis of selected plant extracts against Malassezia Furfur
Pages: 455-458  
A review-the impact of different drying method on bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity of fruits and vegetables
Pages: 459-462  
Physiological and morphological effect of ethyl methanesulfonate on two rice varieties (Oryza sativa L.) of Assam
Pages: 463-466  
A novel quantitative estimation of antiviral drugs in combined dosage form by using RP-HPLC method
Pages: 467-471  
Quantification of vitamin-B2, B6 in Spinacia oleracea by HPTLC
Pages: 472-477  
Evaluation of autumn aster sympphyotrichum novi-belgii in the conditions of central Europe thermophitics
Pages: 478-480  
An investigation on dandruff and development of a herbal antidandruff agent
Pages: 481-484  
Isolation of cement degrading filamentous fungi and screening of their efficacy for biocementation
Pages: 485-489  
Growth improvement and pigment composition in cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) by foliar spray of salicylic acid and ascorbic acid under Nacl stress
Pages: 490-496  
Review on swertia chirata as traditional medicine
Pages: 497-499  
Indigenous plants remedies used by traditional healers of Garudeshwar Taluka of Narmada district
Pages: 500-504  
Pollination biology of Syzygium myhendrae (Bedd ex Brandis) Gamble: An endangered tree species of the Western Ghats
Pages: 505-509  
Phytochemical screening of aqueous extract derived from Stevia rebaudiana leaves, Musa acuminata fruits and Solanum lycopersicum fruits
Pages: 510-512